Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

My Naoise,
don’t you know
I only have eyes for you
even if I look somewhere else
I can only see your face.
If the raven shows up
in its black plumage
it reminds me of your hair
When you smile at me
the world is gone
and only you exist, my love
And when you touch me,
My Naoise,
warm blood melts the snow
and we live inside a legend
a thousand years ago.


This poem was originally published in Medium in October 2018 and it’s also part of my poetry collection “All that Is”.



Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani on Unsplash

We are born alone
and die alone
and alone we wander
inside our minds
our whole lives
except for the time
when we are in Love.


“I became rich writing poems”
- Nobody Ever

I’ve published three Poetry books over the last five years and subsequently deleted those poems from my Medium account as I was promoting those books for free in Amazon KDP.

I’ve also been published in some magazines and collective books, but I’m now thinking that my poems should come back home to the place where it all started.

I’ll be publishing them here in Medium and I hope this exercise inspires me to write new poems and connect with my old Medium family.





The Left Hand of God is a Poet. Happy in the humble service of the Word.